Tucker: A Foster Cat Story from Long Way Home Adoptables & Friends


Working at Bryan Broadcasting, home of Candy 95 and WTAW 1620, gives Patrick the opportunity to hear about many local organizations. We attend several benefits and balls each year and realize the importance of charity in our community and beyond. Many of Patrick's coworkers own rescue animals, and we've heard about Long Way Home for a good while now. They go on air every so often to talk about their available animals and we know what a great opportunity they provide to animals who may not be Continue Reading

Sausage & Kale Lasagna


Keeping in line with the "comfort food" trend last week, lasagna seemed like a natural choice. The additions of kale and baby tomatoes bring a real brightness to the dish. P-Honey is not too fond of the kale (in general, not in the lasagna). Even he said "hey this reminds me of Olive Garden's Zoppa Toscana". So, kale haters, give this a try. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised. I found this from Martha Stewart's website. I like that it doesn't have 4000 ingredients, making it too Continue Reading

Salted Speculoo Chocolate Chip Cookies


Last week was kinda rough. P-Honey was in a car accident. Not serious. No one was injured. But it just throws your week off balance. He also was working some INSANE kinda hours. We needed some comfort food. This is comfort food gone wild. Plain chocolate chip cookies get a nutella and speculoo cookie butter stuffing and a very tiny hint of salt. Salty and sweet is something that baffled me before I tried it. I think it was the late 90s. It may have been kettle corn that did it for me. Continue Reading

Macaron & White

  Apparently today is Macaron Day! At least in NYC and maybe some other major cities. I feel completely remiss for not having a macaron to share with you! So instead, I'm going to tell you a little about what Macaron and White means to me, as well as share some lovely macarons from around the blog world. It can tide us both over until I post a macaron recipe soon. About 4 years ago, I saw a cute little cookie sandwich popping up all over the web. It was so dainty. So chic. So French. All Continue Reading

Winter/Spring Skincare Favorites


I am a make-up fiend. I love it! It's hard to go into even the grocery store without going through the cosmetics section to see if I can find a coupon for my favorite Revlon lip crayons or something else. I even decided that I would give up make-up purchases for Lent. Of course, I had to stock up a little bit on basics before I could start that! Today, I want to talk about some of my favorite products to use in the cooler months. Just in time for the warmer months! Great timing. My combination Continue Reading