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Designed for the special event or big day, each detail is crafted uniquely to you.

Let’s give Nana something to put in her photo album next to those pictures of you playing “wedding” when you were 4…

I love a good love story. Whether it’s watching You’ve Got Mail for the 1000th time (Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino) or hearing about how your parents have never spent the night away from each other since they were married, love stories are what inspire and delight me. I don’t want to just hear about the pretty either. I want to know the quirky and maybe even the tough stuff. It’s all part of the tapestry of your beautiful life with one another. We probably won’t incorporate that fight you had because you were a bad sport at family game night so his sister jokingly called you frigid (yeah, that’s true.. love you M!!), but we will add a chevron element because he gave you a chevron promise ring. Or maybe a vellum overlay of the tree where he proposed to you (hello Aggie brides!). Whatever you picture when you close your eyes and imagine yourself opening the envelope with the invitation to your very own wedding, that’s what we’re going to make together!

Macaron & White brides and grooms typically invest $2500-$6000 for 100-200 invitation suites including custom illustrations, liners, calligraphy, and many bells and whistles. The timeline is generally 4 months to 9 months. Please see our semi-custom options if you love the look, but wish to make a lower investment or spend less time getting your invitations out the door!

The Custom Invitation Process & Timeline

Step One

After you complete my custom invitation questionnaire, I’ll send you a proposal based on your desires and your budget. When we’ve filled your package with your must haves, your nice to haves, and a couple bonuses, I’ll send you the final form I need for you to get the most expensive paper you’ve bought since your college degree! No, you aren’t signing over your first born or agreeing to be cryogenically frozen; you’re telling me your L.O.V.E. story! This is where the magic really begins and I create your party paper. I’ll also give you the secret code to your client portal that keeps all of our documents and proofs in one place. 

Step Two

We’ve discussed your meet cute, your great aunt’s footwear quirks, and your pet names (both literal and figurative). Now I create a lookbook complete with your dream colors and the inspiration that will bring this all to life! I’ll also include a simple sketch that will let us know we’re on the same page. 

Step Three

After you approve our lookbook and sketches, I get to begin painting, writing, layouts, and all the behind the scenes nose to the grindstone stuff. Based on the amount of custom illustrations and other items involved to plan, this stage of the process can be 3 – 8 weeks. I will keep you updated regularly and you can feel free to check in during this step as well.

Step Four

We’re ready to print! Depending on your print process, this could be 2-4 weeks. In the meantime, I’ll be addressing your envelopes, cutting your ribbon, heating up the wax for your wax seals, and anything else I’ve taken off your To-Do List to simplify and add joy to this slightly tedious process. 

Step Five

The invites are starting to arrive to your guests and anticipation is building for your big day! We’re so excited we got to create the heirloom invitations you’ll cherish for years to come.


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